Thursday, 18 September 2014

Designer steroids
Designer steroids

Designer steroids

Designer steroids are more or less the same steroids as are commonly used by many athletes. The only so-called difference is in their chemical alteration. True anabolic steroids require chemical reaction or in other words, they need enzyme alteration in the body to become active. On the other hand, designer steroids do not need any chemical reaction to be the part of body. In this way, the supporters of designer steroids believe that they are not as dangerous as normal steroids are for the health of their users. They further argue that designer steroids are very difficult to detect in blood tests. So the players, who are afraid of being caught in dope tests, use these designer steroids without any fear. This anti-doping feature is very attractive and leads a vast majority to new expectations. But over the years, these expectations have collapsed and now these designer steroids have become only the waste of time and money as they have failed in beating the tests.

Another point that is usually raised in favor of these designers’ steroids is this that they are less aromatized as compare to the old traditional steroids. Their conversion into testosterone is high and into estrogen is low. So they believe that they do not lead to excessive weight gain neither do they affect the libido. It is all true but have you ever think that what else they affect then? They actually affect the liver and kidneys of the users that is more risky than anything else.

The best feature of these designer steroids is their legal status. They are legal as they do not have any controlled substance in their formation or they are still not banned by the higher authorities. The worst feature of designer steroids is this that the name “designer steroids” is being applied for many traditional steroids with little or no change at all in the formula. So people get confused what to buy and where to buy. There are many companies who paste a designer logo on their product and sell it over the counter. It is your duty to buy a product after doing your sufficient homework and after making it sure that the product you are going to buy is actually worth your money. Only in this way you will be away from being cheated.

According to many users of these designer steroids, these drugs are nothing but a way of undetectable cheating. There is very slight difference between the illegal steroids and these legal designer steroids. They are costly as compare to normal steroids and yet have same side and after effects. But even then people have to buy these designer drugs only because they are legal. The time is not very far when the higher authorities will take notice of the risks of these pro-hormones and would stop their usage. But up till now they are legal and bodybuilders are using them without considering its negative side effects.

It is the need of the time to think about designer steroids rationally and realize its dangers. The best option is to work hard and take lots of protein so that your body can grow in the most natural way as our predecessors did at their time. You can take help from the best supplements available in the market but you should not use steroids without proper guideline only to enhance your power. Your doctors and trainers are your best guides. You should trust them and never rush for overnight change. Steroids, no matter traditional or designer, will damage your general health with the years and lead you to the unavoidable end. Be careful, remain in peace and grow naturally. 

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