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Consultoria informatica
Consultoria informatica
Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is made up of making use of a sequence of techniques and procedures to the system to minimize the risk of failure and to ensure safe operation for as long as possible , therefore extending its life.

Mantenimiento informatico

This type of maintenance is the most used in most companies , so much so that each tends to have its own Preventive Maintenance Plan which establish actions to carry out each of the components that form the system. You must also depth what is to be analyzed and how often should be analyzed .

There are two types of techniques utilized to preventive maintenance :

Energetic Preventive Maintenance : This type of maintenance involves cleaning the system and its components the frequency with which it must implement this type of maintenance is dependent on the computer environment and the quality of the components. If the Pc is in an extremely soiled should be cleaned every 3 months on average .

For most office environments cleaning cleaner should be utilized on average once or two times a year .

Preventive maintenance liability : This type of maintenance is care system in its external environment , basically includes the bodily conditions of operation of the power system and prevention . This includes bodily factors such as temperature, thermal stress on, dust pollution , cigarette smoke and possible problems by shock or vibration. What concerns electrical load factors such as electrostatic , the overhead in line and in some environments radiofrequency interference .

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