Sunday, 5 October 2014

Soporte informatico
Soporte informatico
We focus on safety

In TANCRA Systems have the most effective anti-virus that presently is within the marketplace.

Correo exchange

Its efficiency reaches 99% , because it is based on prevention.

This anti-virus is enhanced for your organization to make certain , because you can manage the data that may be seen . Be employed particularly , its installation being very simple and quick .

The following are a few in the features .

Content impeding .

WEB status Control preventing using malicious websites .

Device control.

Computer maintenance

Ignore Trojan viruses infections infections infections !

Every single day more Trojan viruses infections infections infections attacks that sneak for that computer for a lot of sites , for instance email, a malicious page that specific will get into, download data and includes gift.

These infections will make thousands of items on your computer , from opening pages that wouldn't prefer to transmit mail with your account, steal information, or just inutilizarte equipment.

Therefore, it is reasonable to produce a great anti-virus before amount of occurrences occur , please call us and we'll inform you .

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