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Secrets Of Beautiful Women - What Every Men Should Know
Secrets Of Beautiful Women - What Every Men Should Know
There are pretty girls, there are cute girls, there are attractive women, sexy women, and once in a great while, you run across a drop dead beautiful woman. A woman so beautiful, she affects everyone around her and the very air surrounding her seem charged with heavenly energy. Awe struck men dare not approach her, and women forget to be jealous in their admiration.

Unusually beautiful women, attractive women, and even above average women are normally treated differently by mere mortals and that gives them even more power than their beauty inherently grants them. Because these women are treated in a special way, they have a number of qualities in common. Certain qualities that you have to know about and overcome in order to approach these princesses. Let's break the invisible barrier around beautiful women by understanding these secrets of beautiful women.

Secret # 1: Beautiful women know they're beautiful

All beautiful women know that they're beautiful. What's more, they know exactly how beautiful they are and exactly how their beauty level compares to other women. They have such a keen sense of their looks that they even know exactly how much it influences men and precisely what level of men they can appeal to with their beauty.

Society and men normally place value on the woman's looks and not on the woman herself. So the more beautiful the woman is, the more value she intrinsically has. The woman compares this value to men she meets to judge whether the man has a chance with her or not. If the man's perceived value is higher than hers, he has a chance. If he does not, he can stare at her all he wants.

Secret #2: Beautiful women enjoy getting hit on

All women enjoy being hit on and beautiful women are no exception. In fact, they could enjoy it even more. It is well known that women love compliments. It is human nature. People enjoy hearing about themselves and talking about themselves. When you listen in on women talk, the women always lead the conversation back to themselves - what THEY think, what their experiences are, etc.

If imitation is the best compliment a woman can pay another woman, hitting on a woman is the greatest compliment a man can pay a woman. Women, no matter how pretty they are, will have some level of doubt so when a man hits on them, it serves to ease that doubt and boost their ego. Pretty women especially have such high ego that they greatly enjoy this quick stroke to their ego.

Secret # 3: Beautiful women can't be seduced with the nice guy routine or compliments

Beautiful women get hit on many times a day, each and every day. Day in and day out. They have such experience with men hitting on them that they can instantly identify your routine. The majority of men, when approaching beautiful women, either come off as creeps or give up their status and value for her approval. Lines such as:

"I think you're beautiful."
"You have the most beautiful hair/eyes/body I have ever seen."
"You're absolutely stunning."

Garbage lines like these just does not work because it doesn't do anything to display YOUR value. This just serves to cement the woman's value and give her more power. Also, contrary to popular belief, the friend or nice guy routine can work you! In their minds, women separate friends and lovers very clearly and a man can not cross over from one to another. To attract a woman, you have to bypass this friendship level and create an emotional spark.

The ONLY way to seduce a beautiful woman is the pickup artist technique called displaying high value (DHV). This is not just some cheap pickup artist trick but is the underlying physics of attraction. You MUST display a value that is above or, at minimum, equal to her own value. Or you can utilize the pickup artist trick of temporarily raising your perceived value by using tricks and routines such as the cube routine.

Secret # 4: Beautiful women CAN be picked up

Beautiful women are human beings too, they require love, affection and boyfriends like any other women. The difference is, their value is so high that you have to match that value with your own perceived value. Also, because they are hit on so much and because they have so many options (chumps) to choose from, you have to distinguish yourself from the pack of horny monkeys.

It is not money, power, looks, or your Don Juan charm they're attracted to. They are attracted to your perceived value. That is why beautiful women are always with rich and powerful men. It is because these men inherently have and display a high perceived value. So if you're a poor and powerless chump, how do you go about displaying high value?

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